Lifelong Agility

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REGISTER CE Course for LMTs Lifelong Agility Full Weekend IN PERSON Seminars & LIVE WEBINARS ONLINE 15 CEs for LMTs $400.00 20% less when registering more than three weeks prior to seminar CE’s for LMTs are reported to CEBroker [refund policy] [...]

Feldenkrais & Judo

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The Feldenkrais Method's History has roots from Judo: ***Video of a Judo master-- full moves you might get in an advanced Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® Class Video of first assistant Mia talking about their experiences in Japan Article of Moshe's story about becoming a Judo Master:    SEMIOPHYSICS - [...]

Neuroplasticity – Building Brain-Body Maps

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I have often suggested ‘toe painting'[like finger painting]  might be useful for one’s balance and ability to walk.  Fine tuning our foot, ankles and toes [as in painting] supports mapping FEET in our brain so we can use them more fully. I have also suggested  finger painting after [...]