CE Course for LMTs - Lifelong Agility

CE Course for LMTs

Lifelong Agility

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15 CEs for LMTs

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CE Course Description:

Feldenkrais Method®
20-219494 15 CEs for LMTs
15 CEs for LMTs

AGILITY means being able to move easily in any direction quickly and lightly. This requires good balance, a brain that senses whole body action, easy joints and an even give and take between flexors and extensors of all muscles working in synergistic patterns. [Read more]

This course is designed to offer practical clinical strategies for people with low back, spine, hip and knee difficulties in bending, standing and sitting. To create or regain ‘agility’, one needs to rediscover a whole body ‘image of action’ as opposed to ‘fixing’ one part.

Therapists learn to improve their ability to view tension in others through personal experience. This ‘embodied learning’ is through specific Feldenkrais’ Awareness through Movement® lessons, partner collaboration and lecture. Participants learn to sense, in detail, how each action is performed and how variations in effort and path help create a new image for that action.


  • Notice patterns and work indirectly to a problem area.
  • to illuminate space between all joints –and relationship for distribution of effort
  • To interrupt habitual muscular holding patterns, and non-verbally suggest new options — supporting a change in one’s Brain Map
  • To develop skeletal support and improved balance and thus functional ability.
  • To support clients in developing long term agility and health

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