CE Course for LMTs - Mobilize Your Core and Rehabilitate Repetitive Stress Injuries

CE Course for LMTs

Mobilize Your Core and Rehabilitate Repetitive Stress Injuries

Full Weekend IN PERSON Seminars &
15 CEs for LMTs

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CE Course Description:

15 CEs for LMTs
Course # 20-882854 in Florida,
Provider numbers:  CE Broker 50-1980 and NCBTMB

Most of society looks at the need to stabilize your core for better balance and action and to protect the back. This seminar addresses the need to have a mobile core (spine, rib area and pelvis) that supports action of the arms so that the precision actions of the wrist, hands and fingers do not irritate the delicate joints. Additionally, a mobile core ensures the lower back or neck do not get overused through lack of distribution of muscular effort through your whole spine.

Through Touch to Inform methods, using soft eyes and neck to mobilize your core and greater differentiation of the rib/thoracic area, therapists learn a specialized TOUCH that will guide clients to sense how the power, generated from their core, support their arms, wrists and hands for healthier action.

Therapists learn to:

use variations in breathing to ease intercostal muscles, protect back, and mobilize ribs.

soften eyes and hands to free neck and nerve impingements to arms and hands.

mobilize and enhance the use of the core to allow for reduction in tension and overworking of distal joints,

use sensory learning to influence connection of spine and pelvis to the arm/wrist and hand.

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