Moving from Your Core Weekend

Moving from Your Core Weekend


Two full day Seminars in one weekend
$150.00 (each day)

20% less when registering your ticket more than three weeks prior to seminar

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Celebrate your CORE:

Saturday Seminar: 9:30-5:00
Moving from and through your CORE  #20-301460   [read more]

Sunday Seminar: 9:00-4:00
SOFT EYES/ HANDS, EASY Neck/Shoulders   #20-301463  [read more]
**must attend Saturday Seminar

Saturday Seminar:
Moving from and through your CORE #20-301460

To move through your CORE means the ability to find dynamic balance. Through quieting  ‘learned holding’ patterns that interfere with optimal balance, you develop more ease and integration within the relationship between your pelvis, spine and torso.

Your CORE is your center, and your BONES are vital to all muscles or action. Finding support from one’s skeletal system creates balance and muscular efficiency in everyday activities. Through somatic experience, participants will be able to perceive muscle patterns that interfere with efficient action. Instead of ‘holding’ muscles as a ‘CORE’, they will experience ‘the efficiency of Dynamic Balance’ and how one can move and be stable at the same time. Intentionally initiating movements from the pelvis reduces workload in the low back, which then allows the whole neuromuscular system to work with less muscular demand.  Participants will demonstrate skills that can help their clients fine-tune the neuromuscular relationship between pelvis, spine, and torso for reaching.

Sunday Seminar:
SOFT EYES/ HANDS, EASY Neck/Shoulders #20-301463
**must attend Saturday Seminar

SOFT EYES AND HANDS allows you to experience the power you have to change action at your CORE neurologically. Discover how you can use sensory organs, such as your eyes and hands, to profoundly affect posture and the ability to move freely. YOUR EYES LOOK AND YOUR HEAD MOVES…or your eyes stare and your neck stiffens; your hands clench and your shoulders stiffen.

The relationship between the eyes and neck and hands and shoulders are profound example of how one can work indirectly. Using knowledge of how the nervous system develops patterns helps one develop strategies to quiet old patterns in the hands and create new possibilities for the shoulders. Participants will demonstrate an understanding of how the support from the pelvis/skeleton allows the shoulders to rest. They develop a keen awareness to how softening the grip in hands or softening eyes can ease the shoulders and neck and center one’s being. They develop skills that can create shifts in the use of eyes and hands that will ease tension in the neck and shoulders of others.

Participants receive instruction through lecture, demonstration, embodied learning, and partner collaboration. TOUCH TO INFORM skills include that of curiosity and inquiry to the strategies clients use to maintain muscular holding patterns along with ways to support one’s neuromuscular skeletal system to disengage and self-correct.  They learn to use TOUCH to observe…support…INFORM.

NCBTMB Provider # 452056-12! “Touch to Inform Seminars is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.” CEBroker #50-1980

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