Better Balance I & II Seminars

Better Balance I & II Seminars


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BETTER BALANCE I & II Seminars use sensory, embodied learning and partner collaboration to deepen knowledge of the elements required for an efficient balanced walk, and how using these elements can prevent falling.

Better Balance I

A focus on the 3 planes of movement (sagittal, frontal and horizontal), teaches how to disengage patterns that clients have developed, and supports better functional balance. Participants build upon their previous experience from TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars, demonstrating an integrative proficiency with new ways to disengage muscular tension, work within the ‘action pattern’ that the injury, pain or tension presents, and help clients stay involved with interest and inquiry in their own self-care.

Better Balance II

A focus on neurological aspects for refine the coordination of musculature to prevent falling and find ‘better balance’ through walking. Reawakening reflexes will be emphasized to help enhance neurological coordination. Applications for TOUCH TO INFORM concepts of Better Balance for different populations will be included, i.e. young children, athletes, as well as those with limited abilities.

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Better Balance I – Dates TBA [pre-requisite 30 hours], Better Balance II – Dates TBA [pre-requisite Better Balance I]