Participants are presented with a TOUCH TO INFORM Certificate with the completion of 90 hours.This requires taking all Level II, III & IV Seminars, plus either 3 Introduction Seminars or a repeat of a full Seminar.With a TOUCH TO INFORM Certificate, participants will be able to use TOUCH TO INFORM in their marketing, become an adjunct faculty of TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars, and participate in any advanced TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars when offered.

Level I: Introductory Seminars(2 CEs)

Viva la Breathing

Freeing the Neck and Shoulders

Regaining a Flexible Spine – Protecting the Lower Back

(Online Seminar)Saving Necks and Backs: Finding your Thoracic Spine

  • LEVEL II: One Day Seminars(6 CEs)
  • Moving from and through Your Core
  • Your Walking Engine, Finding your Diagonals
  • Moving from and through Your Feet
  • Soft Hands/Eyes, Easy Neck/Shoulders

LEVEL III: Two Plus Day Seminars(15 CEs)

Lifelong Agility: Lower Extremities

Release Your Jaw: Upper Extremities

LEVEL IV: Two Plus Day Advanced Seminars (15 CEs each)

(Pre-requisite of 28 hours from other TTI Seminars)

  • Better Balance Part I: Planes of Action
  • Better Balance Part II: Walking – Prevent Falling

FEES: Vary per Seminar and location. Early registration discounts available.