Walking Engine Weekend

Walking Engine Weekend


Walking Engine Weekend, includes NECK and FEET

2 Hour Introductory Session PLUS

Come for 1, 2 or all 3 (see details for each day below)

20% less when registering more than two weeks prior to seminar

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An Introduction, plus two full day Seminars in one weekend. Come for 1, 2, or all 3

Friday Evening Introduction:
Freeing Neck and Shoulders: Finding your Spine CEBroker #20-297177

Our head follows our eyes. Our spine of our skeleton supports our head. Shoulders are connected to spine, neck and head movements.

Using neurological concepts from The Feldenkrais® Method, participants will develop skills that indirectly quiet excessive tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders by learning TOUCH TO OBSERVE, SUPPORT and INFORM around the torso so that the head is freer to move – and the shoulders feel more supple.

Saturday Seminar:
Your Walking Engine: Discover Your Diagonals! #20-301461

The torso of the human body, the area between the arms and legs, is often considered the ‘engine’ for walking. The large muscles that surround the torso are designed to optimize one’s posture, coordination and balance. However, when one fears falling, these muscles tighten and often remain held in a habitual state of tension. The more this state of fear/tension remains, the less the torso — the engine for our balance and our walking — gets used.

Participants discover their walking ‘engine’ through awareness to where the four corners of one’s torso are in space and how they move, or don’t move, to maintain balance and posture. They will develop skills to balance flexors and extensors and broaden their ability to support a client’s ability to regain a strong and flexible organization for walking and other daily activities.

Sunday Seminar:
Moving from and through your FEET #20-301462
**must attend Saturday Seminar

Hidden postural habits can affect FEET and ankles. Hidden holdings in FEET and ankles can affect posture. Participants will demonstrate the ability to help their clients sense subtle changes in movements of FEET and how it can improve their ability to move with more comfort and ease overall. They will also fine-tune their ability to change posture to support FEET/legs working more effectively. How familiar are you with the 26 bones, 33 joints, and numerous muscles and nerve endings in each foot? Participants will be able to describe or demonstrate the relationship between posture, balance and movements and what FEET have to do with it. They will demonstrate several options for maintaining movement in FEET, toes and ankles.

  • View tension in muscles as part of a muscular pattern in the Brain Map
  • Observe and work indirectly to a problem area
  • Use awareness and movement of bones to find space between joints
  • Find support and improved balance, and thus functional ability
  • Use TOUCH TO INFORM to support clients in developing long term health

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