CE Course for LMTs - CE Course for LMTs - Rehabilitate Feet, Spine and Neck

CE Course for LMTs

Rehabilitate Feet, Spine, and Neck with Touch To Inform & Optimal Walking

Full Weekend IN PERSON Seminars &
15 CEs for LMTs

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CE Course Description:

Based on Dr. Feldenkrais’ Neuro Science Approach
15 CEs for LMTs

Touch to Inform and Optimal Walking works with therapists to see, sense and study, in detail, elements for optimal walking so that injured Feet, backs and necks are seen as part of an integrated Whole.

Participants will learn how to guide each client’s Nervous System so muscular holding patterns that prevent optimal action get interrupted.  Since each person has their own pattern or strategy for walking, an individualized  approach  is required  so that each person’s  feet, spine and neck become freer, less painful and more efficient for a long lasting solution.

Outcomes expected:

  1. proficiency in using sensory learning to clarify diagonals through torso and even muscular tonus between flexors and extensors.
  2. use of Touch to Inform methods to involve extension of spine and ankles in walking.
  3. proficient use of Touch To Inform methods to lengthen the thoracic spine and its ability to rotate
  4. use of touch to quiet and communicate information about the feet and ankles to clarify the brain map for the feet.

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