CE Course for LMTs - Release Your Jaw, Your Voice, Your Whole Self

CE Course for LMTs

Release Your Jaw, Your Voice, Your Whole Self

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15 CEs for LMTs

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CE Course Description:

15 CEs for LMTs
Feldenkrais Method® (Upper Torso)#20-224725

Clenching teeth is often a deep-seated pattern of action that one is not aware of until a dentist points out damage done to the teeth. Or, one might notice headaches or other symptoms resulting from temporal-mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD). This Seminar is designed to offer practical neurological strategies from the Feldenkrais Method®, to complement techniques used for those with head, neck, shoulder and jaw joint discomforts.

Through personal experience, partner work and lecture participants will explore how to use a client’s nervous system to help modulate muscle tone, use the skeleton as support, view muscle tension as part of a habitual pattern  and develop skills to interrupt held patterns. Attention is focused relationally to the jaw joint, with movement explorations of the breath, the eyes, the tongue and voice along with postural support for head, neck and shoulders.Discovering ease in the eyes, tongue and voice helps to reorganize the use of the JAW, the Voice and Whole Self.

This Seminar employs many underused lessons from theFeldenkrais® Library for eyes, palate, voice and breathing.  Time is spent practicing ways to integrate skills into one’s favorite modality.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify physiological response to fear noticing muscle tensions.
  • View tension in muscles as part of a muscular pattern, held in the Brain Map
  • Identify many possible interruptions to jaw tightening including held intercostal muscles and abdominal muscles, as well as increased use of the eyes, throat, and voice.
  • Demonstrate the ability to pause and connect with clients through inquiry and curiosity.
  • Demonstrate an ability to use TOUCH TO INFORM

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