I have often suggested ‘toe painting'[like finger painting]  might be useful for one’s balance and ability to walk.  Fine tuning our foot, ankles and toes [as in painting] supports mapping FEET in our brain so we can use them more fully.

I have also suggested  finger painting after an arm injury or something delicate to do with fingers?  

Why?  Because we have, as Norman Doidge, MD,  has suggested a ‘use it or lose it’ brain.  The more we use an area the more it is mapped into our Brain that we have that area to use.   This artcle demonstrates that two men, who didn’t have arms — learned to paint with their toes!  By using their toes in this fine tuned manner they seemed to have created a BIG map in the brain for FEET which includes manipulation of a paintbrush.

Toes Mapped like Fingers in the Brain