The Feldenkrais Method’s History has roots from Judo:

  1. ***Video of a Judo master– full moves you might get in an advanced Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement® Class
  2. Video of first assistant Mia talking about their experiences in Japan
  3. Article of Moshe’s story about becoming a Judo Master:    SEMIOPHYSICS – Interview with Moshe

**  for the young and active, The Feldenkrais Method® isn’t all slow -and small.  The idea is to go slow and find all the little joints and make sure they can bend and participate in the full action of the possibility for rolling–

** for those that say — “No way!”, Feldenkrais was always seeing potential and if you can start to soften areas and visual and kinesthetically sense the amount of bending — you will find yourself improving!

** for professionals — you want to see the enormous possibility your clients could have and then how do we help, through touch and guidance — bring them to improved ability to safely bend and save their necks and backs– knees and hips!!