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TOUCH TO INFORM Seminars focus on the neurological, mechanical and healing aspects of movement. Seminars are designed to offer Licensed Massage Therapists, Educators, Coaches and other Healthcare providers, how sensory learning and body/brain mapping, can enhance outcomes with long lasting results. Through intellectually learning and experiencing the anatomical, and integrative concepts used in The Feldenkrais Method ®, participants discover  practical applications within their scope of practice.
TOUCH with a mind-set of inquiry to observe, support and then INFORM is explored in 2 hour, 6 hour or 15 hour seminars. Continuing Educational Units [CEs] are available for Licensed Massage Therapists. **


Learn to TOUCH with the intention to…Observe…Support…and…INFORM!


Each Seminar has a specific focus with many different Clinical Applications

Neuroplasticity means the brain has the capacity to create changes in each person’s capabilities. Learning to sense differences in movements is a concrete way to create changes in ‘habitual’ ways of acting. Through Feldenkrais’ Awareness Through Movement® lessons, individual demonstration and partner work, participants learn: how the nervous system learns a pattern; how ‘bones’ work to support alignment; how optimal, efficient movements occur in a relational, sequential way (as a chain of movement); and how they can engage everyone, (through brain based learning) no matter what age or condition, to participate in their own rehabilitation and personal growth.

Comments from LMTs include:

  •  “I was amazed how powerful ‘touch to inform’ can be with little effort from the therapist. This fits into my own philosophy as a facilitator rather than a healer. Thanks again for a great Seminar.”
  • “I used many of the concepts from the Walking Weekend and was amazed, to how interesting and  effective finding the diagonals are for my clients posture and walk.”
  • “I expected more lecture and talking …. more stretching.  I found more quieting – learning to sense more –both within myself and with others.” PTA, Sarasota

Participants Leave with:

  • A new look at anatomy with the focus on what is necessary for rehabilitation and efficient action
  • ‘Knowing’ about Neuroplasticity and how the brain can change through New Embodied Experience
  • Foster change in habitual patterns for long lasting shifts in posture, balance and life long agility

** Certificates of completion  are available for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Yoga or Pilates Teachers, and others. 

Yoga Alliance has agreed to approve 16 hours supporting Anatomy & Physiology or Educational Category.
Members must self report credits.


Work towards a Touch To Inform Certificate by participating in all of the seminars.

CEs are available for LMTs in Live Seminars.