Mini-Lesson Webinar

Mini-Lesson Webinar


Move Pain & Limitation
to Limitless Possibilities

Mini Lesson Webinar (45-60 min)

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Webinar is currently being revisedPlease let Bonnie know if you can attend a Wednesday evening class — 2nd Wednesday. of the month, as a substitute until new version is completed.

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Move Pain & Limitation
to Limitless Possibilities

Bonnie and Nikki offer you the opportunity to experience the power sensory learning and a touch to inform can have on one’s neuromuscular-skeleton system in terms of long lasting change. Using the nervous system to quiet old muscular holding patterns invites the client’s brain to do most of the work, allowing you to be more detailed and continue with innovative solutions to old problems. You will experience the affect sensing support from your bones can have, and the fine tuned sense of touch you can have on an action.  Together that awareness can help prepare your clients for more even distribution in every action.  You will sense for yourself the impact a shift into a touch that informs can have on specific issues as well as overall wellbeing.


“Attending Touch to Inform Seminars with concepts from the Feldenkrais Method® have dramatically changed my massage practice. I’m constantly getting feedback from my clients about how different my approach is and how gentle yet effective my massage is. They are loving it and it’s easier on me.” Kathie P.

I was amazed how powerful ‘touch to inform’ can be with little effort from the therapist. This fits into my own philosophy as a facilitator rather than a healer. Thanks again for a great Seminar.” M. H.

“I used many of the concepts from the Walking Weekend and was amazed, to how interesting and effective finding the diagonals are for my clients posture and walk.” M.S.

“I expected more lecture and talking …. more stretching. I found more quieting – learning to sense more –both within myself and with others.” P.C.

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